We're not the brand to tell you that your journey starts today.
Your journey started a long time ago.
Long before DFRINT was even a thought, a belief, a culture, in our heads.

You've been struggling, searching, finding, winning, for awhile you've feel in love with a process, then out of love with it.Rinse & repeat. We have too.

Through trials & tribulations we've learned, the hard way, that you're only as strong as your circle & the size of the circle can grow & grow, without limit or loss to the impact it has on our lives.

We've learned that pounds lost, miles ran, houses bought, businesses built, first relationships, lasting relationships & all the chaos in between is nothing if we are trying to do it all in the image of someone else.

We learned the new golden rule. Be different. Be freed.

Take bits from him, pieces from her & build your foundation with their bricks. The common thread stringing it all together, your health. In every shade of grey & every hue of color, simple truths, simple promises, to ourselves no matter our desired path.

For those who've been doubted.
For those who've doubted themselves.
For those who find comfort in being uncomfortable. Be different.